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Free Oracle Database 10g XE

2 Nov 2005
John Garmany



Oracle is releasing Oracle 10g Express Edition (XE) by the end of the year.

In fact you can download the beta right now on OTN.

This database is built from the Oracle 10g Enterprise code and has many of the standard oracle database capabilities to include PL/SQL, Java, Web based OEM and  HTMLDB.  It supports PHP, .NET, JDBC, OLE DB and the call interface for C and C++.   It is also has a substantially smaller disk and memory foorprints.  The windows (Beta) download is only 153,792KB.

Unconfirmed rumors at UKOUG say that the final release will also support RMAN.

This is aimed at the low end of the database market occupied by MySQL,  Access and a new limited SQL Server edition (and I though Access WAS the limited SQL Server).

Don't get ready to dump your Oracle license yet.  There are limits to Oracle 10g XE.  It will only support 4GB of user data, one CPU and 1 GB memory.  I know a lot of databases that will fit those requirements.  There are versions for 32bit Windows and Linux only.

You can develop your application against the Oracle10gXE database and then deploy the app and the database to your clients for free (well the database will be free). 

So what happens when your data out grows Oracle 10gXE?  You upgrade by installing Oracle 10g Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition over the XE database.  No migration, export/import etc.

The license says Oracle10gXE is free to download, develop, deploy and distribute (even ISVs).


  If you are a DBA that inherited the administration of AS10g, this is the book for you.  Written by a DBA for DBAs

Oracle Application Server 10g Administration Handbook

by Oracle Press. In Book Stores Now!

Need Oracle App Server Support?

I'm now offering personal app server mentoring for Oracle DBAs who must quickly learn the intricate details of OracleAS10g.  You can have an Oracle expert right at your fingertips, anytime day or night.

We work with dozens of App Server Oracle databases every year, so we know exactly how to quickly assist you with any Oracle9iAS or Oracle Application Server 10g question. 

email us:


John Garmany

Burleson Oracle Consulting

Kittrell, NC, USA, 27544 





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