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Integrating APEX with Oracle AS10g

2 March 2005
John Garmany


Lately I have been playing around with Oracle's Application Express (APEX, formerly HTMLDB).  This is a rapid development environment for small application that is entirely web based.  Unlike J2EE, the web application actually runs as PL/SQL in the database, although you can load the OHS on a separate server.

Basically a fast and surprisingly easy way to create a mod_plsql application.

One cool aspect of APEX is that it can be integrated into the application server midtier instances and take advantage of the AS10g Web Cache.

Integrating APEX into the application server is relatively straight forward since the heavy lifting is performed in the database. APEX is located on the companion disk of the Oracle 10g database.  It can also be installed in a 9iR2 database.  On the midtier instance execute the Oracle Universal Installer (runInstaller) and install  only APEX in a separate home directory.  The installer will ask for connection data for the database.  Again most of the install goes into the database. 

1.  Copy the $ORACLE_HOME (HTML DB) /marvel/images to the same directory in the midtier ORACLE_HOME. 

2.  Copy the $ORACLE_HOME (HTML DB) /Apache/modplsql/conf/marvel.conf to the same location in the midtier ORACLE_HOME.

We are finished with the APEX ORACLE_HOME and you can delete it.  Remember APEX resides in the database.

3.  In the midtier edit the marvel.conf file.  Change the Alias /i/ to the directory you copied the images to.

4.  Edit the midtier oracle_apache.conf and add the line below to include the marvel.conf file.

     include "/<midTier ORACLE_HOME>/Apache/modplsql/comf/marvel.conf"

5.  Now run dcmctl to update the new configuration in the Metadata Repository.

    dcmctl updateConfig -ct ohs

6.  Restart OHS.

You're done!  APEX in now integrated in the application server. 

On Clustered midtiers, the configuration will propagate but the file changes, marvel.conf and the images will not.


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John Garmany

Burleson Oracle Consulting

Kittrell, NC, USA, 27544 


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