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Oracle Metric Total Wait Time

Oracle Consulting Tips by Burleson


The Total Wait Time Oracle metric is the total amount of time waited for this event, in hundredths of a second.

The next query against the dba_hist_active_sess_history view reports a list of resources that were in high demand in the last hour. This query does not reflect idle wait events.

select                           "Wait Event",
   SUM(h.wait_time + h.time_waited  ) "Total Wait Time"
   v$active_session_history     h,
   v$event_name                 e
   h.event_id = e.event_id
   e.wait_class <> 'Idle'
group by
order by 2 DESC;
This query produces a listing like the one below, showing aggregate wait time for each event:
Wait Event                       Total Wait Time
------------------------------   ---------------
log buffer space                      9,638,484
db file sequential read               8,442,918
log file switch completion            5,231,711
write complete waits                  5,200,368
db file scattered read                 4452,153
process startup                        3623,464
rdbms ipc reply                         917,765
log file sync                           662,224
latch free                              550,241
latch: library cache                    370,696
db file parallel write                  364,641
free buffer waits                       319,151
latch: redo allocation                   64,984
LGWR wait for redo copy                  63,647
read by other session                    52,757
log file sequential read                 46,126
null event                               33,011
log file parallel write                  26,280
SQL*Net E "SQL*Net"  more data to client               8,894
latch: cache buffers chains               7,005
control file sequential read              3,966
direct path read temp                       395
direct path write temp                      229
SQL*Net E "SQL*Net"  message to client                    74

From the listing above, one can see that the DBA has an issue with the log buffer space wait   event that may indicate the need to increase the log_buffer  parameter to increase the cache in order to minimize this possible bottleneck. 

Using the AWR ASH view, the DBA can also retrieve a list of database users who have experienced high wait times during the time period between any two snapshots. The following query can be used to identify these target users



   sum(h.wait_time + h.time_waited E "time_waited" ) "total wait time"
   v$active_session_history      h,
   v$session                   s,
   v$event_name             e
   h.session_id = s.sid
   e.event_id = h.event_id
   e.wait_class <> 'Idle'
   s.username IS NOT NULL
group by
   s.sid, s.username
order by 3;


This sample output shows the total wait time, both by process ID (SID) and by individual users.

       SID    USERNAME          total wait time
----------    ---------------   ---------------
       261    SYS                     1,537,288
       259    SYS                    12,247,007
       254    SYS                    18,640,736

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