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Linux experts by Burleson Consulting

BC has proven Linux experts for full Linux support of any system, large or small.  Our Linux support experts wrote the book on Linux administration and we stand ready to provide assistance with your Linux problem. 

Just call now and get immediate Linux consulting support by experienced Linux administrators.

BC provides these Linux support services:

  • Remote Linux service that takes care of 100% of your Linux needs. 
  • Linux monitoring solution for any Linux server.
  • Linux migration and upgrade consulting
  • Linux networking support

Common Linux consulting services include:

  • Linux installation and Linux upgrades - Complete and reliable upgrades to all servers in your network.
  • Installation of Linux patches (including security fixes) - One-time Linux patches, applied and tested by an expert.
  • Linux system performance monitoring and tuning - Complete Linux tuning services including analysis of Linux paging, swapping and CPU utilization. We also offer a one-time monitoring software to provide you with complete exception reports.
  • Linux Software installation and Linux configuration - Complete and reliable Linux installation and Linux configuration.
  • Linux Backup and Recovery consulting - This service will install and test all backup and recovery software, including Veritas, ADSM and Legato.  We can also assist in the installation of Oracle backups using the Oracle rman utility.
  • Custom Linux scripting and Linux system programming - This service is popular with client's who desire customized shell scripting for specific Linux tasks.
  • Linux system configuration - This would involve a complete initial set-up of the Linux environment and complete testing.
  • Linux Security Assessment - A complete Oracle and Linux security assessment service and installation of security tools with single sign-on technology including Kerberos, Secure shell, and authentication server technology.

Linux Network Consulting

BC Network consulting offers a full range of network for Cisco, Vanguard, Juniper, and Ascend.  Our experts are fully-qualified in TCP/IP, ATM, frame relay protocols, and IP routing protocols including BGP4, OSPF, RIP, EIGRP. Common Network activities include:

  • Router installation and configuration - BC can install and configure any router to meet your individual needs.
  • Network security assessment - BC provides a complete white Hat Hacker service, and our experts can quickly identify and correct all security exposures.
  • Network performance and utilization services - BC provides complete network monitoring software installation to identify packet loss, network bottlenecks and network congestion alerts.
  • Data carrier problem investigation and resolution - BC can work with all network vendors to identify and correct data carrier problems

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