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Don Burleson Blog 






Data Warehouse

Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)

Decision Support System (DSS) Projects

Donald Keith Burleson


Data Warehouse Projects

Statistical Analysis of Stock Market Pricing – 1984 - This project involved analyzing stock market pricing, specifically looking into the stock covariance values for specific market segments. The project involved downloading stock information from the Consumer Reported Stock Prices (CRSP) tapes, loading them into a data repository, and running statistical analysis using the SAS product. This project was performed on an IBM 3090 mainframe using the MVS operating system, and utilizing the IDMS database with VSAM files.

Legal Sales Data Warehouse – 1989-1993 – This project involved the analysis, design and implementation of a data warehouse that collected information about the purchases on an online legal product. I was responsible for the analysis of the database, the extraction, verification, and loading of the data, creation of the data warehouse, the creation of aggregate and summary information, and the creation of the end-user interface. This system was originally created on an IBM 3090 mainframe using the IDMS, database, and I ported it to the DB2 database when relational databases became available. The aggregate and summary data was also ported to PC’s and designed and implemented a CD-ROM version of the data warehouse using the FoxPro database.

Product sales tracking – 1998 - This system involved the physical design and implementation of a worldwide data warehouse to track shipments of manufactured goods from the warehouses to the stores. I was responsible for the creation of the operational data warehouse and the creation of data population, cleansing and loading mechanisms. I was also responsible for the data aggregation and summarization techniques. This database was in a Sun Solaris environment, using Oracle 7.1.6 database technology.

Genealogical data warehouse – 1998 - This project involved the creation of database maintenance mechanisms for an Internet-based data warehouse that employed bots and spiders to collect genealogical information from the Internet, and load this data into an Oracle data warehouse. I was responsible for advising on the mechanisms for improving response times from this database, and creating reorganization and cleansing mechanisms. This system was running on RS6000’s, using AIX with Oracle 7.3.


HMO Data Warehouse – 1996 – This project involved assisting in the creation off the logical data model for an HMO tracking system to track information on patients, medical procedures, physicians assigned to procedures, and cost associated with procedures. I developed a complete logical data model for this data warehouse.

Point Of Sale Data warehouse – 1998-1999 – This system collected point-of-sale information from dozens of major retail chains and loaded the sales information into a data warehouse for analysis. I was responsible for the design and creation of the data enrichment and loading of the information into the data warehouse. I created an external metadata repository that captured external demographic, including data from the 1990 US census and Nielsen Data Research. I was also beneficial in creation demand forecasting algorithms for the sales of products, categorized by all dimensions and categories of products. This system was developed on an IBM S70 (Blackbird), running AIX 4.3 with Oracle 8.0.4. I also assisted with the initial configuration on an EMC disk array and developed an I/O monitoring database for detecting and resolving I/O bottlenecks.

Sales & Marketing Data Warehouse – 1998 – 1999 – I assisted in the creation of data aggregation and summarization mechanisms for an Oracle database that captured the sales of manufactured products to retail warehouses. I created a framework for aggregation of data and assisted in the creation and tuning of SQL that would summarize sales of products along numerous categories. This was developed on an IBM RS600 running AIX 4.1 with Oracle 7.3.2.


Decision Support System & OLAP Projects


Academic scheduling DSS system – 1983-1984 – This system was created at a major university to manage the assignment of professors to courses, and courses to classrooms. I was responsible for the analysis, design and implementation of this system. This system applied heuristics to the scheduling, allowing for pre-defined decision rules (i.e. senior professors get their rooms closest to their offices), and provided a simple framework for academic scheduling. The DSS was initially developed on an IBM 3090 mainframe using VSAM files, and was later ported to an IBM PC network.

Strategic Market forecasting DSS for legal publications – 1988-1992 – This DSS was designed to collect sales information for legal publications and cross-reference the publication with the scope of the jurisdiction of the legal publication. Information was collected from internal and external sources, and a DSS framework was developed to allow senior management to identify un-serviced market niches and develop legal publications to serve the market. I was the project leader for this effort, and I worked closely with programmers, DBA and end-user to successfully implement a DSS that was used by the world’s largest legal publisher to develop their strategic plan.

Latest Case DSS system – 1989-1993 – This system collected new case law from the state and supreme courts and fed a system that allowed attorneys to call and get the latest status of their case law. I was the project leader on this system, and I was responsible for the successful design and implementation of this critical system. This system is still being used today by a major legal publisher.


Burleson is the American Team

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