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Don Burleson Blog 







Oracle 10g New Features Training

© 2007-2016 by Burleson Corporation


This course is taught at your Company site with up to 20 students. 

Click here for on-site course prices

Optional supplemental mentoring


Key Features

* Learn the most important 10g new features and when to use them.

* Understand how to leverage the automatic DBA features.

* See how the Automated Workload Repository (AWR) places important tuning information at your fingertips.

* Use the Automated Session History (ASH) tables to quickly find performance bottlenecks.

* Understand how to use the Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM).

* Learn how to implement the SQLTuning and SQLAccess advisor tools.




Course Description

Unlike some mediocre Oracle 10g new features training, this course examines all Oracle 10g new features with an eye on those features that are the most important to Oracle 10g availability, Oracle 10g performance and Oracle 10g development.

This Oracle 10g new features training is special because this course is taught by a veteran Oracle Certified DBA with more than 20 years of full-time experience.

Book Required

  Oracle Database 10g New Features 
Oracle 10g Reference for Advanced Tuning & Administration

Mike Ault, Daniel Liu, Madhu Tumma

ISBN 0-9740716-0-9


This course is designed for practicing Oracle professionals who have basic experience with Oracle. Prior experience with Oracle is not required, but experience using Oracle database is highly desirable.


Curriculum Design

This course was designed by Donald K. Burleson, an acknowledged leader in Oracle database administration.  This is an intensive 3-day or 4-day Oracle 10g new features overview.  This course is a comprehensive overview of Oracle 10g, taught by a leading Oracle 10g trainers.  The 4-day version of this course explores more robust Oracle 10g SQL new features in Virtual Spreadsheets and regular expression syntax.

Oracle 10g New Features
3-Day Syllabus

Copyright © 2007-2016 by Donald K. Burleson


New Features for Database Creation and Deletion
  • SYSAUX Tablespace
  • Automated Storage Management Configuration
  • Automated RAC Services Configuration
  • Simplified Upgrade for RAC and OPS Databases
  • Drop Database  
Database Tuning and Performance Improvements
Database Resource Manager Improvements
  • Database Resource Manager Overview
  • Adaptive Consumer Group Mapping
  • Fixed CPU Quota
  • Integration of Resource Manager and Profiles
Tuning Improvements
  • Buffer Cache Flushing - User Initiated
  • Automated Checkpoint Tuning
  • CPU Costing
  • Dynamic Sampling
Tuning Transaction Recovery
  • Easy Transaction Recovery Monitoring
Oracle Enterprise Manager Changes
  • Overview of the changes
  • SQL Reporting
  • New Performance Overview Charts
Single-Set Aggregates in DML Returning Clause
New and Updated Optimizer Hints
Wait Model Improvements
  • Overview of enhancements
  • Changes and updates
Application Tuning
  • Overview of improvements
  • SQL Access Advisor
  • Materialized View Tuning API - The new TUNE_MVIEW API
New Static Data Dictionary Views
  • Overview
  • List of Views and Explanation
New Dynamic Performance Views
  • Overview
  • List of Views
Static data dictionary views have new columns
Dynamic performance views have new columns
Oracle 10g New Features for Tablespace Management
Temporary Tablespace
·         Temporary Tablespace Group Overview
·         Temporary Tablespace Group Benefits
·         Examples
Rename Tablespace
·         Tablespace Rename Overview
·         Tablespace Rename Benefits
·         Examples
Bigfile Tablespace
·         Bigfile Tablespace Overview
·         Bigfile Tablespace Benefits
·         Extended ROWID Format
·         Examples
Automated Storage Management (ASM)
·         Automated Storage Management Overview
·         Automated Storage Management Benefits
·         ASM Disk Group
·         ASM Disk
·         ASM Files
·         ASM Instance
New Oracle 10g Table and Index Features
Creating a Sorted Hash Cluster
  • Benefits
  • Examples
Partitioning Improvement
  • Overview of Improvements in Partitioning
  • Global Partitioned Indexes - Hash Partitioning
  • Enhancements for Partitioned Index-Organized Tables
   - List Partitioning
   - LOB Support
   - Global Index Maintenance
  • Local Partitioned Indexes Manageability Improvements
  • Enhanced Partition Management in Enterprise Manager
Enhanced Bitmap Index Performance and Space Management
New Oracle 10g DML Features: Insert, Update and Delete
Single-Set Aggregates in DML Returning Clause
Upsert through SQL Interrow Calculations
New Oracle 10g SELECT features
SQLAccess Advisor
Materialized View Tuning API
Grouped Table Outer Join
Increased Number of Aggregates per Query
SQL Interrow Calculations
Remote Stored Functions in SELECT Statements
Native Net Over Fast Interconnects
Native Net Over TCP/IP
Case-Insensitive and Accent-Insensitive Query and Sort
Enhanced Collections
Enhanced CONNECT BY Support
Oracle Expression Filter
SQL Regular
Row Timestamp
Asynchronous Change Data
Cross-Platform Transportable Tablespaces
Enhanced Table Functions
External Tables Unload
Enhanced MERGE Functionality
New Oracle 10g Initialization Parameters
Type of Initialization Parameters
Twenty New Parameters
New Oracle 10g Management Features
Database Startup and Shutdown
  • Overview of enhancements
  • Database Automated Startup and Shutdown Configuration
Database Install
  • Simplified Database Install
Improvements in Auditing
  • Uniform Audit Trail
  • Extended SQL Support in FGA
Easier Database Registration
Unified User Model
Oracle 10g Utilities Improvements
Data Pump Utilities
·         Data Pump Overview
·         Data Pump Benefits
·         Data Pump Export
·         Data Pump Export Examples
·         Data Pump Import
·         Data Pump Import Examples
SQL*Loader Improvements
·         Direct Path Support for ROWID Datatype
·         Direct Path Support for VARRAY Datatype
·         Direct Path Support for XML Type Tables
SQL*Plus Enhancements
·         Session Configuration
·         SQL Prompt Runtime Variable Substitution
·         DESCRIBE Command Improvements
·         SPOOL Command Improvements
·         Show Recycle Bin
·         SQL*Plus Compatibility
iSQL*Plus Enhancements        
·         Input Prompting
·         Command Changes     
New Scheduler Utilities
·         Introduction to Scheduler
·         Scheduler Architecture
·         Program and Job Concepts
·         Managing Jobs and Programs
·         Data Dictionary View for Scheduler                 
·         Examples
New Oracle 10g Network Features
Database Authentication with Standard LDAP Password Verifiers
Single Station Administration for Password Authentication to Oracle Database
SSL Session Renegotiation
Performance Improvements
4096-Bit Key Size Support


Oracle 10g Backup and Recovery New Features
Extended Flashback Functions
·         Flashback Database
·         Flashback Standby Database
·         Flashback Re-instantiation
·         Flashback Drop
·         Flashback Table
·         Flashback Row History
·         Flashback Transaction History
RMAN Enhancements
·         Automated Channel Failover for Backup and Restore
·         Automated File Creation During Recovery
·         Simplified Backups to Disk
·         Simplified Recovery Manager Cataloging of Backup Files
Oracle 10g High Availability Improvements
Log Miner
  • Overview of the improvements
  • Automated LogMiner Configuration
  • Support for Index-Organized Tables
  • Support for Additional Types
  • LONG, Multibyte CLOB and NCLOB
Real Application Clusters
  • Overview of the Improvements
  • Data guard broker support
  • CRS (Cluster Ready Services)
  • workload management improvements
- manage, and monitor application workloads as a service
  • Improved Streams RAC Support
- supports hot mining,
- automatically restart processes after failover
- supplemental logging
  • OEM enhancements
Data Guard
  • Simplified Zero Data Loss for Data Guard SQL Apply
  • Real Time Apply
  • Named Data Guard Configurations
  • Secured Redo Transmission
  • Zero Downtime Instantiation for SQL Apply
Supplemental Logging
  • Fine-Grained
Enhanced Online Redefinition
Improved Handling of DDL Locks on Busy Tables
Signature-Based Dependency Tracking Using Synonyms
Oracle 10g Streams
Overview of Streams
  • Batch Enqueue/Dequeue
Downstream Capture
  • Downstream Capture Overview
  • Creating a Downstream Capture Process
Performance Enhancements for greater work loads
  • Enhanced Capture and Apply Performance
  • Performance Enhancements for AnyData Queues, Rules, and Propagation
Updates to the Rules
  • Easy Rules Engine Transformation Management
  • Negative Rules
  • Tuning Rules
Better interoperation with Oracle RAC
  • capture changes from redo log as well as the archived redo log
  • automatic transfer of the queue
New streams related dynamic performance views
New streams related initialization parameters
Chapter 15: Security Enhancements
VPD Support for Parallel Query
VPD Static and Dynamic Policies
Column-level VPD
Business Intelligence
Data Warehousing Enhancements
  • Interrow Calculations
  • SQLAccess Advisor tool
    • DBMS_ADVISOR package
    • for Indexing
    • for materialized view
  • Partitioning Enhancements
    • partitioning for index-organized tables.
    • partitioning materialized views in OLAP
    • Hash-partitioned global indexes.
  • ETL Enhancements
SQL Support for Analytic Applications
  • Grouped Table Outer Join
  • Size of aggregations in a single SQL statement.
  • SQL Inter-row Calculations
Summary Management
  • Enhanced Partition-aware Materialized View Refresh
  • EXPLAIN PLAN Shows Materialized View Access The
  • Enhanced Dimensions
  • Nested Materialized View Refresh Materialized
  • Enhanced PCT Refresh Partition
  • Query Rewrite Uses Multiple Materialized Views

This is a BC Oracle training course (c) 2007-2016



Burleson is the American Team

Note: This Oracle documentation was created as a support and Oracle training reference for use by our DBA performance tuning consulting professionals.  Feel free to ask questions on our Oracle forum.

Verify experience! Anyone considering using the services of an Oracle support expert should independently investigate their credentials and experience, and not rely on advertisements and self-proclaimed expertise. All legitimate Oracle experts publish their Oracle qualifications.

Errata?  Oracle technology is changing and we strive to update our BC Oracle support information.  If you find an error or have a suggestion for improving our content, we would appreciate your feedback.  Just  e-mail:  

and include the URL for the page.


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