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Don Burleson Blog 







Oracle Performance Tuning OCP Exam Preparation Training Course

A three day on-site Oracle Certified Professional Performance Tuning class
Test 1Z0-033

© 2007-2016 by Burleson Corporation


This course is taught at your Company site with up to 20 students. 

Click here for on-site course prices

Optional supplemental mentoring


Key Features

* Learn Global Oracle Tuning.

* See External Environmental Tuning

* Understand SQL and PL/SQL Tuning.

* Employ Object & Network Tuning.

* Review OCP Performance Tuning Final Exam.


Course Description

The primary goal is this course is to prepare the students to pass the Oracle OCP performance tuning exam.  This Oracle OCP exam preparation training course is an intensive 5-day course is designed to provide Oracle professionals with an in-depth understanding of the performance tuning features of Oracle, specific Oracle concepts and knowledge required for the OCP exam, and tips and techniques for passing the Oracle OCP exam on your first attempt.

exercises are used to demonstrate each feature and the student will gain first-hand experience in the key Oracle tuning concepts required to pass the Oracle OCP exam.  In addition, this course provides sample OCP exam questions and an opportunity to access your overall knowledge of Oracle performance tuning concepts.

Book Required

  Oracle Performance Troubleshooting
with Dictionary Internals SQL & Tuning Scripts

Robin Schumacher

ISBN: 0-9727513-4-3


This Oracle OCP performance tuning exam preparation training course is designed for the practicing Oracle professional but it is useful to anyone interested in learning Oracle performance tuning.  This includes Oracle developers, Oracle DBAs, Oracle web developers and any computer professional who needs to understand how Oracle databases are tuned for optimal performance.  The course assumes a basic knowledge of Oracle DBA management and administration, relational database concepts, SQL syntax, and basic Oracle architecture.

Curriculum Design

This Oracle OCP exam preparation training course was designed by Donald K. Burleson.  Author of more than 30 database books, Burleson was chosen by Oracle Press to write five authorized editions, including Oracle High-Performance SQL tuning. Burleson has over a decade of real-world DBA experience in Oracle features and shares his Oracle secrets in this intense Oracle tuning training.

In this intense Oracle OCP Backup & Recovery training, Burleson Corporation instructors will share their proven secrets for passing the Oracle Certified Professional OCP exam.

Learning Objectives:

The primary objective of this Oracle OCP exam preparation training course is to provide each student with the knowledge and testing secrets for passing the Oracle OCP performance tuning exam.  The student will gain confidence in their Oracle performance tuning knowledge and learn the tricks and traps of the Oracle OCP performance tuning exam.

Using a proven training combination of intense instruction, practicum and numerous Oracle sample exams, the student should have a firm understanding of Oracle performance tuning.   

Oracle9i Performance Tuning OCP Exam Preparation Training Course


A three day on-site Oracle Certified Professional Performance Tuning class
Test 1Z0-033
Copyright © 2007-2016 by Burleson Corporation
Day 1: Global Oracle Tuning
External Environmental Tuning
Monitoring the server environment (vmstat, glance, top)
Understanding RAM swapping (page-in, scan rate)
Understand CPU dispatching queues
Detecting network bottlenecks (netstat)
Oracle certification exam questions on external tuning
Database Instance Tuning
Using the V$ Tables
Using the DBA, ALL and USER views
Interpreting a STATSPACK report - Important Statistics
Evaluating database wait events
Memory Tuning
            Buffer cache tuning
            Shared pool tuning
            Log buffer tuning
Tuning checkpoints
Using Oracle Real Application Clusters
Oracle OCP test questions on instance tuning
Day 2: SQL and PL/SQL Tuning
SQL Statement Tuning
Use of Explain Plan
Understand cost-based optimizer internals
The value of CBO statistics with dbms_stats
Optimal table join order (ordered hint)
Using clustering_factor
Optimal index choices
Defining materialized views
Defining function-based indexes
When to define histograms
Reading Explain Plans
Use of HINTS
Proper use of Indexes
Removing unnecessary large-table full-table scans
SQL tuning questions on OCP exam
PL/SQL Tuning
Measuring PL/SQL performance
Using bulk collect
Using ref cursors
Compiling PL/SQL
Pinning PL/SQL in SGA memory
Oracle OCP PL/SQL optimization exam questions
Day 3: Object & Network Tuning
Object Tuning
Setting INITTRANS for high concurrent transactions
Avoiding migrated/chained rows
Performing online reorganizations with the dbms_redefinition package
Using ASSM (bitmap freelists)
OCP questions on table and index tuning
Network Tuning
Tuning on the OS side (TCP packet sizing and bulking)
Monitoring distributed Oracle databases
Tuning Oracle*Net (SDU, TUD, tcp.nodelay)
OCP test questions on network tuning
OCP Performance Tuning Final Exam Review
Full sample OCP Tuning exam questions
OCP testing techniques for success
Testing tips and secrets







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