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Don Burleson Blog 







Oracle Disk I/O Tuning Training Course

A two day on-site Oracle Performance Tuning class

© 2007-2016 by Burleson Corporation


This Oracle disk tuning course is taught at your Company site with up to 20 students. 

Click here for on-site course prices

Optional supplemental mentoring


Key Features

* Learn how to spot I/O bottlenecks.

* Learn the iostat utility.

* Understand I/O tracking in STATSPACK and AWR.

* See disk caching optimization.

* Learn where to apply solid-state disks.

* See how to optimizer RAID.

* Understand manual disk load balancing.

* See how to optimizer buffer caching.

* Learn to track disk latency over time.

* See how to spot transient disk bottlenecks.

* See proven techniques for improving I/O throughput.


Course Description

All Oracle databases are IO intensive and the goal of all Oracle professionals is to retrieve the data with a minimum of disk access.

This course is designed for the Oracle database administrator and Oracle professionals who need to manage their disk I/O sub-system.

Book Required

  • Oracle Disk I/O Tuning
  • Oracle RAC & Grid Tuning with solid state disk
  • Oracle solid state disk tuning


This disk I/O performance management course is designed for any Oracle professionals who must manage and optimizer complex Oracle disks systems.

This includes Oracle developers, Oracle DBAs, Oracle web developers and any computer professional who needs to understand how Oracle databases manage disk for optimal performance.  The course assumes a basic knowledge of Oracle DBA management and administration, relational database concepts, SQL syntax, and basic Oracle architecture.

Curriculum Design

This Oracle disk I/O training was designed by Donald K. Burleson.  Author of more than 30 database books, Burleson was chosen by Oracle Press to write five authorized editions, including Oracle High-Performance SQL tuning and Oracle Disk I/O Tuning . Burleson Corporation instructors offer decades of real world DBA experience in Oracle features, and they will share their Oracle secrets in this intense Oracle disk I/O tuning training. 

Oracle Disk I/O Tuning Training Course

A two day on-site Oracle Disk I/O tuning Course
Copyright © 2007-2016 by Burleson Corporation

Disk Architecture

     General Disk Architecture
          Disk Layout
          Disk Logic Boards
          Cache and Disks
          Disk Performance Statistics
          Disk Capacity - The Double-Edged Sword

Disk Interfaces

      Exploring Disk Interfaces
          ATA Interface
          SCSI Interface
          SCSI 3
          IEEE1394 Interface
               IEEE1394 protocol Layers
     Fibre Channel
Channels and Fibre Channel
          Networks and Fibre Channel
          Fibre Topologies
          Fibre Channel Links
          Arbitrated Loop Topology

Optimizing Disk Performance

     Optimizing Your Disk Interface
     Optimizing ATA Performance
          ATA Tuning In Windows
          ATA Tuning in LINUX.
     Tuning the SCSI Interface
          Tuning the SCSI Interface in Windows
          SCSI Tuning Under Linux
          Tuning SCSI Under UNIX
               Peripheral Buses
               SCSI Bus
               SUN Conclusions for SCSI Interface Tuning
          HP-UX SCSI Tuning
          SCSI Tuning Under AIX
               Setting AIX SCSI-Adapter and Disk-Device Queue Limits
               AIX SCSI Settings With a Non-IBM Disk Drive
               Setting SCSI Parameters for a Non-IBM Disk Array
               Changing AIX Disk Adapter Outstanding-Request Limits
               Controlling the Number of System pbufs in AIX
          Tuning the IEEE1394 Interface
          Tuning the Fibre Channel Interface

RAID Technology

     Disk Striping
          Disk Shadowing or Mirroring
          RAID—Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks
          RAID Setup for SCSI
                EMC Storage Arrays
                Hitachi Storage Arrays
                Compaq (HP) Storage Array
                IBM Storage Arrays
                SUN StorEdge Storage Arrays
               Commonalities between the Arrays
           Memory Caches
           IO Profiles
           Tune for Concurrency
           The IO Path
           The 100% Myth
           Should I Worry About Fragmentation?
           What About Write Caching?

Disk Monitoring

     Oracle Monitoring
     Operating System Monitoring of Disks
     Automating Statistic Collection
     Understanding iostat, vxstat, AWR and ADDM reports
     Custom monitoring scripts for Solaris and AIX (get_vmstat.ksh, get_iostat.ksh)

Solid State Disk and Oracle Databases

     Oracle Data Caching
     SSD as an Oracle Tuning Tool
     RAM Access Speed with Oracle Databases
           The History of Oracle RAM Data Buffering
           Allocating Oracle Objects into Multiple RAM Data Buffers
           Improving I/O Speed Is Not a Silver Bullet
           The Problem of Duplicate RAM Caches
     Why is Oracle Logical I/O So Slow?
           Finding the Baselines
           A Review of Existing SSD Research Findings
               James Morle
               Paul Dorsey
               Woody Hutsell

Oracle 10g Disk Related Features

     Automatic Storage Management
           ASM Concepts
           ASM Architecture
           ASM Instance Management
           Initialization Parameters for ASM Instance
           Disk Recovery Time
           Rebalance Operation
           ASM Instance Operations
           Starting Up and Shutting Down of an ASM Instance
           Discovering the Disks and Disk Groups
           ASM Instance Configuration
           Rules and Guidelines for ASM Instance Configuration
                Creating a Disk Group
                Altering a Disk Group (add, drop, undrop, resize, rebalance)
                Mounting Disk Groups
                Disk Group Templates
                Alias Filenames
                Dropping a Disk Group
          Internal Consistency of Disk Groups
               File Types Supported by ASM
               Dynamic Performance Views on ASM
          How Do We Use ASM Files in the Database?
               Using ASM to Create a Database


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Note: This Oracle documentation was created as a support and Oracle training reference for use by our DBA performance tuning consulting professionals.  Feel free to ask questions on our Oracle forum.

Verify experience! Anyone considering using the services of an Oracle support expert should independently investigate their credentials and experience, and not rely on advertisements and self-proclaimed expertise. All legitimate Oracle experts publish their Oracle qualifications.

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