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Don Burleson Blog 







Oracle 12c New Features Training

© 2016 by Burleson Corporation


This 12c new features training course is taught at your Company site with up to 20 students. 

Click here for on-site 12c course prices

Optional 12c supplemental mentoring


Key Features

* Learn the most important Oracle 12c new features and when to use them.

* Understand how to leverage the automatic DBA features.

* See how the Automated Workload Repository (AWR) places important tuning information at your fingertips.

* Use the Automated Session History (ASH) tables to quickly find performance bottlenecks.

* Understand how to use the Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM).

* Learn how to implement the SQLTuning and SQLAccess advisor tools.




Course Description

Unlike the generic Oracle 12c new features training available elsewhere, this course examines all 12c new features with a deep focus on those features that are the most important to 12c availability, performance tuning and development.

What makes this 12c new features training particularly unique is that it is taught by a working Oracle Certified DBA with more than 20 years of full-time experience.

Book Required



This 12c new features training class is designed for practicing Oracle professionals who have basic experience with Oracle. Prior experience with Oracle is not required, but experience using Oracle database is highly desirable.

Curriculum Design

This 12c new features training course was designed by Donald K. Burleson, an acknowledged leader in Oracle database administration.  This is an intensive 3-day or 4-day 12c new features training overview, customized according to your exact training needs.  This course is a comprehensive overview of 12c, taught by a leading 12c trainers.  The 4-day version of this 12c new features training course explores more robust 12c SQL new features.

Oracle 12c New Features Training
3-Day Syllabus

Copyright © 2016 by Donald K. Burleson



Introduction to 12c New Features for developers

Inside 12c New Features  
OEM - Enterprise Manager Oracle 12c new features
Oracle 12c New Features Programming Language Support 
Oracle 12c PL/SQL New Features          
Oracle SQL optimizer (CBO) Improvements       
Oracle 12c SQL New Features    

OEM Oracle 12c new features

Introduction to OEM  12c       

Oracle 12c PL/SQL New Features

12c Performance Tuning Features

New Performance Tuning Features        
Inside Extended Optimizer Statistics       

RAC enhancements

RAC Transaction guard - evolution of TAF

Core Database Enhancements in Oracle12c

Interval-REF partitioning
identity columns (automatic PK generation)
VARCHAR2(32767) for LOB's (up from VARCHAR(4000)
ILM clause - Integrated lifecycle Management
12c Transaction Guard 
Pluggable Database 
Real-time ADDM
ASH Analytics


SQL Management

SQL Commonality Index 
Adaptive execution plans 
Hybrid Histograms 
WITH clause enhancement to allow functions
Booleans in SQL
mproved optimizer statistics

Oracle 12c security enhancements

- A PL/SQL unit can have roles granted to it.
- Allowing SQL creation and management of wallets, rather than command line utilities. Allows easier remote management.
- Code-Based Access Control (CBAC):
- Data Redaction: A variation in column masking of VPD, but it doesn’t just blank the value and still allows queries against the column in the WHERE clause.
- Doesn’t affect compile time, so focusing very much on dynamic SQL.
- Encryption Enhancements:
- Enhanced Security of Audit Trail:
- Export and import wallets/keys between pluggable databases.
- Extension of the audit management package.
- inherited rights : Control accidental privilege escalation when a privileged user calls an invoker rights unit containing malicious code.
- Invoker Rights management
- Invokers rights for views.
- Monitoring controlled using dbms_privilege_capture.
- Multiple audit management privileges.
- New Separation of Duties:
- Privilege Analysis:
- Report what is used and what is not used.
- Roles for audit management.
- Single unified audit trail.
- Storage of wallets in ASM.
- SYSBACKUP – Just enough to do a backup.
- SYSDG – Just enough for data guard administration.
- SYSKM – Just enough to perform basic key management tasks.
- SYSOPER – More limited than SYSDBA, but still very powerful.
- Tracking direct privileges and privileges via roles
- Useful on invoker rights, since now the PL/SQL can run with user privileges and explicitly granted roles for the unit.
- When the unit runs, any dynamic SQL running can have the privileges granted via the role.







This is a BC Oracle12c training course (c) 2016



Burleson is the American Team

Note: This Oracle documentation was created as a support and Oracle training reference for use by our DBA performance tuning consulting professionals.  Feel free to ask questions on our Oracle forum.

Verify experience! Anyone considering using the services of an Oracle support expert should independently investigate their credentials and experience, and not rely on advertisements and self-proclaimed expertise. All legitimate Oracle experts publish their Oracle qualifications.

Errata?  Oracle technology is changing and we strive to update our BC Oracle support information.  If you find an error or have a suggestion for improving our content, we would appreciate your feedback.  Just  e-mail:  

and include the URL for the page.


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