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   Rampant TechPress Management Team



Janet Burleson
President, Rampant Techpress

  Janet Burleson has over two decades of IT corporate management experience. She is also an acknowledged expert in web design and a search engine placement optimization consultant. A lifelong horse trainer, she is internationally recognized as one of the world's pioneering horse trainers.  Janet donates her "spare time" to train Guide Horses for the Blind.   Janet is responsible for all internal operations including contracts, budgeting, fiscal issues and strategic planning.


John Lavender

  John Lavender has over twenty years of management experience, serves as a Financial manager, and is the coauthor of  Using Oracle system triggers to audit user activity - in Oracle Internals (November, 2002).

An ASE Master Automobile Technician and car enthusiast, John enjoys working with custom cars and spending time as a local sports coach.


John is responsible for managing production logistics and works closely with authors, printers and distributors to ensure timely content delivery.

John also manages the internal staff and manages the complex delivery schedules, locating and resolving critical-path tasks.

John Garmany
Associate Editor

  John Garmany is a graduate of West Point, an Airborne Ranger and a retired Lt. Colonel with 20+ years of IT experience. John is an OCP Certified Oracle DBA with a Master's Degree in Information Systems, a Graduate Certificate in Software Engineering, and a BS degree (Electrical Engineering) from West Point.    John is responsible for managing subject content and ensures that all books are comprehensive, timely and complete. 

John assists the Series Editor on content issues to identify missing technology issues and inter-book planned redundancy.

Don Burleson
Series Editor

  Don Burleson is one of the world’s top Oracle Database experts with more than 20 years of full-time DBA experience.  He specializes in creating database architectures for very large online databases and he has worked with some of the world’s most powerful and complex systems.    

Don is responsible for strategic content planning, author acquisition and assessment, and internal quality control.

Don is also responsible for predicting new IT trends and hot technologies. 



Harry Conway
Technical Coordinator

Harry Conway is an experienced Oracle DBA and Database manager with more than 25 years of full-time Information Technology experience.  Expert in both Oracle and IDMS, Harry is a seasoned DBA and Database manager with that rare combination of exceptional technical and management skills.

Harry Conway is responsible for the
coordination of Oracle technical resources. 
This includes locating and coordinating the
efforts of consultants, technical reviewers
and prospective authors.

Robin Rademacher
Manager of Operations

Robin Rademacher is a retired Nuclear Engineer, having served the NC Radiation Protection Section for 20+ years as an engineer and manager of various regulatory programs, including radioactive materials and mammography.  She was an active member of the State Emergency Response Team and participated regularly in drills and exercises with the nuclear power plants and the 42nd Civil Support Team.

An avid animal lover, Robin is an accomplished equestrian and also enjoys competitive dog shows, breeding her own champion Rottweilers

Robin coordinates the delivery of all book
content, guiding all chapters through
technical edit, copyedit, and book
formatting.  Robin also manages the final
printing tasks, ensuring high quality
(cover graphics, index and TOC),
and managing initial warehouse shipments.
   The Rampant TechPress Staff

Valerre Q Aquitaine

Valerre Q Aquitaine has been involved in
printing her entire life, having been born into
an offset printing family / business started by
her grandfather. 

After graduating from Meredith College with
a B.A. in Psychology, she moved from printing
to graphic design to owning and training large
exotic cats, then back to printing.  She also wrote
a photographic book of her cats, “Tigers Can’t
Tap Dance, But They Know How To Tango”.

Valerre is responsible for copy editing and formatting books for Rampant TechPress.  



    P. O. Box 511
Kittrell, NC, 27544