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Advanced Oracle UNIX Script Collection included in the:

Advanced Oracle Monitoring
and Tuning Script Collection

The complete collection

- 681 working Oracle scripts
- Includes 10g RAC & Grid scripts
- Certified for 11g

Only $79.95

Buy Now - Immediate Download

Written by one the world's most widely-read Oracle script developers and author of over 20 best-selling Oracle books, Mike Ault targets his substantial knowledge of Oracle UNIX scripts in this concise download.  With decades of experience using Oracle UNIX scripts, Mike Ault shares secrets for using UNIX scripts with Oracle top perform important Oracle DBA UNIX functions.

This fantastic download allows you to quickly find sample Oracle UNIX shell scripts to perform Oracle DBA functions including backup & recovery, starting and stopping Oracle, a batch interface to SQL*Plus, Oracle alter log search script, text searching of Oracle reports, and many more!

Packed with over 600 ready-to-use Oracle scripts, this is the definitive collection for every Oracle professional DBA. It would take man-years to develop these scripts from scratch, making this download the best value in the Oracle industry.

Caution - These are extremely powerful Oracle data dictionary scripts.  They should only be used by a certified Oracle DBA, and after a careful review of the Oracle data dictionary script functionality.  These Oracle scripts are not for beginners and knowledge of the Oracle data dictionary is required to fully utilize these scripts.  USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Key Features:

  • UNIX scripts for Oracle backup, and UNIX scripts for Oracle hot backups

  • UNIX scripts for Oracle recovery

  • UNIX scripts for Oracle SQL*Plus interfaces

  • UNIX scripts for Oracle alert log management

  • UNIX scripts for Oracle startup & UNIX scripts for Oracle shutdown

  • UNIX scripts for Oracle file management

  • UNIX scripts for Oracle text searching

  • Provides every SQL script in the powerful Mike Ault arsenal.

  • Contains script for all version of Oracle, from Oracle7 through Oracle9i.

  • Contains script for SQL tuning, Oracle monitoring and Oracle SGA tuning.

  • The product of thousands of hours of analysis.

  • At less than nine cents per script, this is a must-have for every Oracle DBA.


About the Author:



    P. O. Box 511
Kittrell, NC, 27544