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           Rampant TechPress

Rampant TechPress is a unique publishing paradigm, targeted at IT professionals who need fast and accurate working examples of complex issues. Rampant TechPress books are unique because they have a super-tight focus and quickly provide IT professionals with what they need to solve their problems. 

Rampant TechPress books are designed for the practicing IT professional. Rampant TechPress books are an affordable way for all IT professionals to get the information they need, and get it fast.

  • Expert Authors All Rampant TechPress authors are content experts and are carefully screened for technical ability and communications skills.

  • Lots of working examples Rampant TechPress books are packed with working examples and pragmatic tips.  When applicable, all code scripts from Rampant TechPress books are available on the web for instant download.  Those who purchase a book will get the URL and password to download their scripts.

  • Pragmatic Practicing IT professionals know the concepts and they need working code to get started fast. Rampant does not publish theory books, and insists on practical content that allows our readers to quickly understand and apply the technology.

  • Concise Most Rampant TechPress books are less than 250 pages and get right to-the-point of the tough technical issues.

  • Tight focus - The Rampant TechPress books addresses tight IT topics and targets specific technical areas of technology.

  • Affordable Reasonably priced, Rampant TechPress books are the perfect solution to challenging technical issues.

Rampant Books are distributed worldwide through major retail chains including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders and leading bookstores throughout Europe and Asia. 

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