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Tabloid article's I'd like to See

Don Burleson




The following content is a parody and may be offensive to certain people. 

If you are offended by any of the following, Press the BACK button on your browser now, and DO NOT page-down:

      1 - Words describing human anatomy (foot, elbow, penis)
      2 - Mocking of Operating Systems
      3 - Parodies of Religious Dogma

These are only light-hearted jokes and parodies.  Please don't bombard me with e-mail from your church group.

This is from the National Inquisitor.  In the tradition of Mark Twain, I have adopted the Nom de Plume of  "Ahmed O'Malley":

Here is another tabloid article which I suspect is promoted by Microsoft:

Here is a new product that many people should find helpful:

Here is one tabloid ad targeting the growing Christian niche markets: