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Free Oracle Tips


Oracle10g wait event tuning book published

Don Burleson



Rampant TechPress has just announced the availability of Stephen Andert's premier book on Oracle10g wait event tuning:

According to the author, his Oracle10g wait event tuning book is superior to the Oracle Press wait event tuning book because it is nearly half the price and it has an online code depot of working Oracle 10g wait event tuning scripts that use the exciting new automated session history (ASH) tables.

This book is consider among the best in the market and includes scripts for v$session_wait, v$session_wait_history, v$active_session_history, v$waitclassmetric_history, v$system_wait_class, v$event_histogram and v$eventmetric.

Best of all, this Oracle 10g wait event tuning book has working scripts against the workload repository table (ASH) tables with scripts for tuning to quickly locate database bottlenecks.  These include wrh$_event_name, wrh$_system_event, wrh$_system_event_bl, rh$_bg_event_summary, wrh$_waitclassmetric_history, and wrh$active_session_history.

Rampant is now offering this premier Oracle10g wait event tuning book at 40%-off, making it less than half the price of the competition, only $19.95, and you can buy it at this link:

If you like wait event tuning, this book will be an indispensable addition to your collection.




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